An Immersive Sensory Theatre Experience 

CASA is a play by dramaturg and director Georges Perla and Andrea Albernaz, exploring themes of mobility, moving across borders, to new countries, and changing one’s life. The recent year and the global pandemic are also a point of departure in the creative process – the lockdown, the health uncertainty and subsequent limits to freedom to travel, move, explore, escape.

Georges and Andrea have personal and professional experience working across different countries, and a common creative language on topics of immigration, identity, and belonging.
The instability of space is a central theme that traverses the creation, explored dramaturgically and through scenography. Public space, city space, and national space – all delimited by borders and bearing markers of difference create internal, psychological and emotional dimensions that can be in tune or in disjoint with the social space around the individual.
This tension informs the poetics of the play – combination of text, object and sensory theatre.
The aim is a poetic play, with images and understandings of spaces and lived experiences common to all humans. The play is an exploration of the capacity of theatre to produce empathy, understanding, and bridge cultural and social differences.

Keywords: theatre of objects | sensory theatre | immersive 

The play will premiere in October 2021. 

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