La Golondrina 

La Golondrina is a Summer Programme in 2021(titled after the Spanish name for the swallow bird, which appears only during Summer); the project offers a series of theatre performances and workshops, created with ideas of participation, public activation, and activation of senses and movement in focus.

The thematic red thread that characterizes the program is the idea of Storytelling. 

After a year that challenged our social health, communities, and general togetherness, we’ve discovered the importance of sharing positive, uplifting, and empowering stories. We would like to explore ways in which stories can be told, retold, kept, and shared, with starting points in theatre. These can be stories about ourselves, about the space we move in, about our homes, our past, and imagined stories for our future.

Through weekly workshops and performances, our aim is to establish a space where theatre can be experienced by everyone, and all participants become storytellers.

This project is part of a residency at Det Blå Kvarter/ The Blue Neighbourhood, a local initiative in the city of Odense, where 6 industrial containers have been transformed into studio space for creative people and groups working with culture. The studio cluster is placed on The City Island, a small area at the harbor, formerly dedicated to industrial activity.